How the TrueSmile veneers are creating smile & changing lives around the world?
Written by James Barnes on Oct. 11th 2018, presented by Ina-Tech
Some of our employees trying the TrueSmile
Can I afford the same smile as my favourite celebrities?
Lets face it, we would all be happier if we had straighter, whiter teeth. Turn on any reality TV programme, film or music video and you are almost certain to be blinded by a number of dazzling white smiles.
Sure, celebrities often have perfect teeth, but at what cost?

It’s highly likely that your favourite stars have had a little help to achieve those polished pearly whites, most likely in the form of veneers which will have been fitted using surgical procedures.

Surgery of this kind comes at a price, and it’s usually expensive and painful.

If you want to achieve a gorgeous smile without enduring the pain and cost implications, clip-on veneers are a great option. And today, we just received in our office the TrueSmile by a USA company called Ina-Tech. Is it too good to be true? We will find out in this article!
4 features that we love about these TrueSmile veneers 
1- Fits perfectly more than 96% of the population
One of the most important aspect of clip-on veneers is how it fits on your teeth. We ordered both the man & woman version. We invited 15 of our colleagues from the office to try it, and it fitted perfectly all of them, even if some of our colleagues have missing, misaligned or broken broken teeth. The company says it can even be fitted over crowns, veneers, partials and bondings!
Some of our employees trying the TrueSmile
2- Thin yet extremely durable
We must admit that we were a bit scared when we check the TrueSmile veneers for the first time, as the veneers are very thin. But after trying it a few times and testing its resistance, we were astonished by how durable they are. It will for sure last many years.
3- Very affordable alternative to dental treatment
When we first heard about these clip-on veneers, we thought we would have in our hands a product costing at least $150.00 However we were extremely surprised to know the actual price of this product. Using 3D printers and after 2 years of research & development, the company behind the TrueSmile was able to develop clip-on veneers as a fraction of its usual cost!
4- Safe & FDA Approved materials
It is crucial to make sure that something you will wear on your teeth is made from the safest materials existing. Our advise to be 100% certain? Always look for products made from FDA-approved materials. The official TrueSmile by Ina-Tech is made with FDA-approved materials, which makes it perfectly safe.
How to get the TrueSmile veneers in the USA?
You can only order the TrueSmile veneers from the official website. They are offering an express delivery service which is really convenient and you should get it in just a few days after placing an order with them (it took 5 days for us to receive it in our office)! 
For the first weeks of launch of the TrueSmile veneers, they are currently offering 50% off the standard price!
Conclusion: Is it really worth it?
Definitely a big YES. The TrueSmile veneers instantly gives you the look of perfect teeth you'll be proud to smile about. It's thin yet extremely durable, fits all type of teeth and it is so much more affordable than a dental treatment.
We tested the TrueSmile veneers for about a week and everyone of us was surprised by how good they are fitting and how beautiful yet natural smile you can get by using it.
The team at Products-Reviews.Net highly recommend this product!
Never be embarrassed again! Get your TrueSmile veneers before it runs out of stock!
Order and Operating Instructions:

1) Order your TrueSmile veneers on the official website

2) Wait few days to receive it and clip it on your teeth

3) Enjoy a beautiful yet natural looking smile
The TrueSmile veneers are now available!
Limited time offer on the official website

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